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Belgrade – Budapest railway line Belgrade – Stara Pazova section, Phase 1

28. 11. 2017

The objective of modernization of the Belgrade – Budapest railway link specifically the Corridor X section to Budapest is to reconstruct the existing single-track line and to build a new second track thus forming a modern high performance double-track line for mixed (passenger and freight) transport and speed to 200 km/h.

This project was contracted with Chinese consortium formed of "China Railway International" and "China Communication Construction Company" based on the multilateral agreement on the construction of high-speed railway line made between China, Serbia and Hungary.

The Institute of Transportation CIP has prepared the design documentation for Phase 1 of construction works on the Belgrade - Budapest double-track line, Belgrade Centre - Stara Pazova section, and the works shall start soon.

Reconstruction of the existing railway and building of the high-speed line include numerous interventions on the railway alignment, stations and station facilities, construction of rail/road grade-separated crossings and lineside structures such as bridges, underpasses and overpasses, and modernization of the equipment.

Some of planned works on installation of modern signalling-interlocking and telecommunication systems, power supply system and other electrical systems will be performed for the first time in this region of Europe. The task of these modern information systems is to make connections to the driver's cab and to enable timely reaction and transmission of the information straightway to the locomotive cab because a visual monitoring of standard signs and signals is practically impossible at high speed.

The design of this 34 km long section envisages the execution of works on open track and in stations so that the new tracks will be laid in the length of 27 km while the other track sections, about 84 km long will be reconstructed and 150 new switches will be replaced and installed.

The Belgrade - Budapest railway line is a part of the traditional railway transit corridor linking Western and Central Europe with Greece, Turkey and Middle East. This railway line has also a high national importance because it connects three big cities and railway junctions of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica and many settlements and industrial centres.