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The City of Belgrade got the sculpture called "From There to Here" that will adorn the pedestrian bridge

06. 12. 2017

"From There to Here" sculpture will adorn the future pedestrian bridge between the Kalemegdan Fortress and the Sava Quay.

At the present time this sculpture is installed at the Sava Quay downwards the Concrete Hall (Beton hala). It will be permanently placed on top of the 10 m high pedestal by mid next year after the completion of the construction of the pedestrian bridge that will connect the river and the fortress, which was designed for free by Saobraćajni institut CIP.

This work of art is formed of two parts - the upper part of stainless steel transported from England was made by Richard Dickon, the English sculptor and winner of the renowned Turner Prize, and the lower part of aluminium cast in Serbia was made by Mrđan Bajić, our famous sculptor.

The sculpture weighs five tons and its height is seven meters.