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Spatial Plan of Mionica Municipality

Project implementation year: 2006 - 2007

Purpose of the Spatial Plan is to define the long-lasting development, use, organization and protection of the area and to create the environment for development and construction, so as life quality of Mionica residents may be upgraded and harmonized. 

Mionica Municipality, located in the western area of the Republic of Serbia, is surrounded by Valjevo, Požega, GornjiMilanovac, Ljig and Lajkovac Municipalities. Mionica Municipality belongs to the basin of Kolubara River. The territory is intersected with numerous water streams, 206 km long, and the following four rivers: Kolubara, Lepenica, Toplica and Ribnica.

Link with Belgrade is enabled by regional roads: Divci - Mionica - Ljig and Županjac - Bogovađa - Mionica - Divčibare.

The Spatial Plan of the Municipality covers 32,939 ha in area. Considering the morphological, pedological and hydrological properties of soil, 61.47% of the Municipality territory is oriented to agricultural-land use.

The center of Mionica Municipality lies on the banks of Ribnica River (right tributary of Kolubara River). The town is located 7 km southeast from the Valjevo-Belgrade Road and Belgrade-Bar Railway Line, and 19 km east from Valjevo and 85 km southwest from Belgrade.