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General Regulation Plan for structures integrating the ’’Nikola Tesla A’’ Thermal Power Plant Complextogether with accompanying disposal area

Project implementation year: 2008

The General Regulation Plan that shows long term projectionrelated to development and spatial arrangement of the studied area also defines regulation principles to be followed as well as construction and development criteria.

''Nikola Tesla A'' Thermal Power Plant, an important complex located in the wider urban area, is a structure of strategic importance. Construction and operation of this facility is of general public importance.

The plan was developed in compliance with stipulated requirements, the existing structure, infrastructure network within the power plant complex and planned traffic infrastructure.

The plan is based on functional, technical/technological and urban principles and area use according to the planned purposes.

The land use is in accordance with the type of facilities integrating the power plant complex: Power Generation Plant, Storage Unit, Administrative Unit and Ash Disposal Area.