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General plan completed with regulation plan elements for revitalization of the ŠarganVitasi – Mokra Gora narrow-gauge railway line together with accompanying facilities in the ’’Šargan Eight’’ area

Project implementation year: 2002

The "Šargan Eight" is positioned in Western Serbia close to the border with Republic of Srpska between Zlatibor and Tara Mountains. The railway line occupies the northwest part of Zlatibor Massif, 60 km away from Užice.

This 0.76 m narrow-gauge railway line, 16370 m long, that runs from ŠarganVitasi Station to Mokra Gora Stationis an integrating segment of the railway line that starts in Belgrade and runs via Užice, Sarajevo and Mostar to Dubrovnik and Herceg Novi. In 1925, this line was used to connect the Serbian railway lines with the railway lines in Bosnia (Belgrade-Sarajevo railway line). However, in 1974, the line was closed for traffic.

The studied railway line is unique because it has to overcome the altitude difference of 250 m at the very short distance. The line is named ''eight'' after  its alignment passes twice through the same geographic points at different altitudes,in the area of Jatare Station, thus making the shape of number eight.

Development and organization of the studied area were defined at the level of General Plan containing the regulation plan elements. Development of the right-of-way and segment of infrastructure facilities together with railway stations and corresponding facilities within the ''Šargan Eight'' Complex including Mokra Gora, Jatare and ŠarganVitasi Stations required special attention to be paid to restrictions, technical and leveling solutions in the length of about 16.50 km and 168 ha in area. Position of other infrastructure systems was also defined including requirements to be met for their  reconstruction and proper operation within the corridor, which willenabletheir connections with the surrounding areas.