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Detailed Regulation Plan for reconstruction and modernization of the Belgrade – Niš Railway Line, Gilje – Ćuprija – Paraćin Section

Project implementation year: 2006 - 2007

Reconstruction and modernization of the Belgrade - Niš Railway Line is one of the top priority projects planned to be realized by the Serbian Railways PE.

The Phase 1 of the studied project includes both reconstruction and modernization of the existing railway line, Gilje - Ćuprija - ParaćinSection. The planned solutions for reconstruction and modernization include construction of double track railway bridge over Velika Morava River that requires modification of the alignment from Gilje Stopping Place to Zmič Village together with reconstruction of station plateau and tracks in Ćuprija Station and establishment of new stopping place (Gilje).

Planning documentation also refers to the present double track railway line from Ćuprija to Paraćin, i.e. construction of the new ''Branching off point-Ćuprija-Paraćin'' single track railway line (canceling and transition from left to right track) and construction of new track (at the point where the present line will fit into the planned line alignment) to be placed parallel to the present alignment (entry to Paraćin Station).

The overall length of the reconstructed double track railway line is 10.18 km, while the single track line is 6.8 km long.

The planned reconstruction and modernization works will upgrade operating technology of all railway facilities in the studied area which will result in decrement of overall costs and environmental quality improvement in the right-of-way.