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Preparation of the Final design of underfloor wheel lathe for locomotives and wagons in the hall of forge shop within the Belgrade marshaling yard

Realization: 2008


Technical documentation for procurement and installation of underfloor wheel lathe for railway vehicles was prepared. The previous documentation included all design phases from the General design to tender documentation. Possible locations for accommodation of underfloor wheel lathe were analyzed having in mind the needs regarding all technical and economic parameters. The existing forge shop was chosen for accommodation of the lathe and the design for its reconstruction was prepared to ensure all necessary conditions for smooth operation of the state-of-the-art train wheel lathe without disassembling of wheels. In addition to mechanical and technological designs, complete technical documentation includes architectural, construction, traffic, electrical and hydraulic designs, the Report on geotechnical investigations, the Report on surveying works, the Environmental Impact Assessment Study, Feasibility Study, Fire Safety Study and Safety at Work Manual.