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Preparation of technical documentation for the reconstruction of car body workshop with supporting workshops, car paint workshop and passing depot with tram car wash facility at Dorćol location, Public Transport Company "Beograd"

Realization: 2007, Location: Belgrade

Technical documentation at the level of Preliminary and Final designs was prepared. It includes reconstruction, rehabilitation and refurbishment of car body workshop, car paint workshop and office building with supporting workshops and facilities within the Central Overhaul Plant as well as passing depot of the Central Plant with supporting facilities. The facilities occupy a total area of 6193 m2 that should be increased by a floor area of the Central Overhaul Plant: the passing depot of 870 m2 in total, the car paint workshop of 870 m2, car body workshop of 2158 m2, workshop area of 520 m2 and offices of 520 m2. 


In addition to mechanical and technological designs, complete technical documentation includes architectural, construction, traffic, electrical and hydraulic designs, the Report on surveying works, the Environmental Impact Assessment Study, Feasibility Study, Fire Safety Study and Safety at Work Manual.