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’’Topčidersko brdo’’ Tunnel

Realization: 2012

The Institute of Transportation CIP prepared the Preliminary design of ''Topčidersko brdo'' tunnel as a segment of the Preliminary design for the Inner Ring Road, from Paštrovićeva to Dr Milutina Ivkovića Street. 

The entry portal of the tunnel is situated in Banjičkih žrtava Street, and the exit portal is in Dr Milutina Ivkovića Street (toward Autokomanda Interchange).

The entry portal of "Topčidersko brdo" Tunnel
The entry portal of "Topčidersko brdo" Tunnel

"Topčidersko brdo" tunnel is composed of two separated tubes for bidirectional traffic. The left tunnel tube is 2 175 m long, while the right tube is 2 170 m long. The clean profile is designed to provide clearance of 4.70 m above the road surface and/or 2.50 m above the walkways. The overall effective width inside the tunnel is 9.30 m. The clear profile occupies 56 m2 in area.

The exit portal of "Topčidersko brdo" Tunnel
The exit portal of "Topčidersko brdo" Tunnel
When designing tunnels, the advanced methods for rock mass classification were applied, while tunnel structures and securing system were carried out according to the new Austrian Method (NATM). The tunnel structure is composed of both primary and secondary lining systems. The primary lining is made of shortcrete varying from 5 cm to 30 cm in thickness, truss steel arches, self-drilling anchor bolts, 3 m long, and mesh reinforcement fully in accordance with the rock mass category identified along the tunnel structure. The primer lining is covered with waterproofing system composed of PVC foils. The secondary lining is made of cast concrete, 30 cm thick.

The tunnel is also provided with cross-connections that enable passage of emergency vehicles, evacuation of pedestrians and niches for SOS phones and fire fighting equipment. The also design included the lighting, signalization and ventilation systems. Ventilation is enabled via portals and vertical shafts. Surveillance and control of the tunnel in both standard and emergency situations is enabled from the control center situated in Dr Milutina Ivkovića Street.