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Reconstruction and rehabilitation of railway tunnels constructed based on old tunnel types

Since majority of tunnels within the Serbian railway network was constructed based on old tunnel types, their clear profile was not in compliance with the currently applicable ones. Numerous designs for rehabilitation and reconstruction of railway tunnels was prepared among which the most important are the following ones:

  • "Gramada" and "Vražogrnac" tunnels together with the tunnel No.16, Niš-Zaječar railway line
  • "Grdelica" and "Hanski" tunnels, Belgrade-Niš-Skoplje railway line
  • "Grdica" tunnel, Stalać-Kraljevo-Požega railway line
  • "Bela Reka" tunnel, Belgrade-Bar railway line
  • "Čortanovci" tunnel, Belgrade-Subotica railway line
  • "Ripanj" tunnel, Belgrade-Niš railway line.

Reconstruction design for ''Ripanj'' Tunnel on the Belgrade-Niš railway line included for the first time an advanced solution that implied ballastless permanent way and new invert. The solution herein enabled permanent rehabilitation of permanent way and substructure and solved electrification problems.