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Final Design for landscaping of central zone in Preševo

The Final Design deals with execution of landscaping and greenery works in the central zone of Preševo, i.e. on the city square next to the Municipality building and Maršala Tita Street, that occupies 5660 m2 in area.

The spatial solution includes development of precise concept for the central square with roundabout at the intersection of Maršala Tita and Ramiz Sadiku Streets. The studied location surrounded by Municipality and Court buildings and the mosque, also included segment of Maršala Tita Street and execution of works on reconstruction of the entire technical infrastructure.

The functional concept mostly referred to city square that was turned into pedestrian zone. Passenger flows enable undisturbed movement and access to the present structures, fountains and bus stops. 

Pedestrian areas are planned to be covered with Behaton paving blocks and grinded rock slabs in both lighter and darker color tones. Paving scheme mostly follows roundabout arrangement.