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Final design for reconstruction of both pavement and sidewalks in Kneza Mihaila Street, Smederevo

Realization: 2011

This street is an integrating segment of the R 202 Smederevo-Mladenovac, class 1 National Road. The design referred to the segment of the street, from the junction with Karađorđeva Street to the junction with Fočanska, Petrijevski Put and Majke Jugovića Streets in the total length of 1050 m, including two traffic lanes in the total width of 6.50 m together with sidewalks.

Reconstruction of Knez Mihajlova Street was planned to be executed in three phases. Phase 1 included reconstruction of the street in full width together with sidewalks on either side. Phase 2 included construction of bus stop on the right side of the street, while Phase 3 included widening of the street on the left side for parking and bus stop purposes.

Drainage of runoffs is in compliance with the drainage concept that implies use of the stormwater sewage system. The existing main pipeline, LGØ400 mm, was replaced in the length of 267 m. All house connections were connected to the new distribution network.