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Development concept of the Belgrade railway freight terminal

Realization: 2009

Railway-freight terminal
Railway-freight terminal
The location is planned to be connected with Savska Main Road and Belgrade by-pass road (E-75) via roundabout (Železnik road) and grade-separated junction (Savska Main Road). Connection of the terminal and the railway network will be enabled via the line coming from the Belgrade marshaling yard. Vicinity of the marshaling yard will allow common utilization of the existing capacities. The freight terminal shall be for onward transit. The complex includes several independent units and their functioning shall be enabled via control and service sub-systems. According to the Preliminary design of the railway freight terminal, the following sub-systems are planned to be installed: business-administrative and control system, container terminal, RoLa terminal, freight warehouse, tracks and areas for handling of wagon goods, including service block. Adequate number of parking lots for freight vehicles and cars is also planned to be provided.