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Technical documentation for construction of Belgrade Center railway station

Functions within the Belgrade Railway Junction will be enabled after both design and construction works have been completed for the following stations: Belgrade Center, Zemun and Kijevo passenger stations with maintenance facilities.

Actual passenger stations in Europe are designed to meet requirements imposed by different transport networks fully in accordance with urban surrounding. In such a way, stations become centers that offer different traffic-related services or services indirectly connected to passenger flows.

Belgrade Center Station is a core of passenger system within the Belgrade Railway Junction. It is situated in the center of the city on the right Sava River bank. This is a passing station for numerous trains and enables good connection with the city arterials and metro. It is designed as modern passenger station provided with 10 tracks, 6 platforms and station building situated within the business-commercial complex.

Today, the Sava Amphitheatre Complex accommodates different railway facilities.

Construction of the Belgrade Center passenger station, as well as maintenance facilities in Zemun and Kijevo Stations, including freight transport center in Makiš and Beli Potok-Vinča-Pančevo bypass line, the freight and passenger systems shall be organized to meet the junction concept requirements.
In such a way, the Sava Amphitheatre Complex that occupies about 80 ha in area, shall become an attractive location and both City of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia will experience a multi-million financial benefit.