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General and Preliminary designs for the Beli Potok-Vinča-Pančevo freight bypass railway line together with road-railway bridge over the Danube River near Vinča

Realization: 2007 – 2008


At the moment, the rail freight transport runs through the Sava Amphitheatre area. About 1.5 million tones of goods, out of which 60% are hazardous substances are transported by this railway line. The purpose of construction of the bypass railway line is to relocate the freight transport outside the both Belgrade and Pančevo city core areas. The connecting point of the line on Belgrade side is ''Beli Potok'' Station (Belgrade-Mala Krsna railway line) and on Pančevo side, the solution is offered through the development of Pančevo railway junction. The design was prepared fully in accordance with conditions issued by competent authorities, traffic requirements and site survey so as rational technical and technological solutions may be obtained. The key point on the corridor is the road-railway bridge over the Danube River that according to all technical and economic parameters is supposed to be the most important structure identified on the studied bypass line. The central bridge structure above the riverbed is composed of 4 truss simple beams having the total length of 600 m. The approach structures for the railway line are composite simple beams while for road vehicles, the approach structures are designed as prestressed girders. Viaducts are planned at km 2+377.55 (L=270 m), and km 2+735.405 (L=360 m), and triangles at km 0+514.86 (L=540 m). The bypass railway line is single-track electrified line, 29 km long, designed to support the speed of 120 km/h. The line connects junctions in both Belgrade and Pančevo. Three new stations, 2 tunnels and 19 bridges are planned to be constructed. All level crossings are grade-separated. Design works referring to the bypass line and highway that share the same bridge required engagement of multi-disciplinary approach and permanent harmonization of different works.