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Final design for construction of additional track together with related infrastructure, Belgrade Center – Pančevo Glavna - Vršac – National border railway line, from km: 4+742 to km: 8+690

Realization: 2008


The section from ''Pančevački Bridge'' railway post to ''Krnjača''passing station, from km 4+742 to km 8+690 is supposed to be the first stage in accomplishment of the set goal. The Preliminary design was prepared for the section, from ''Krnjača'' Station to ''Pančevo Glavna'' Station, from km 7+650 to km 19+600.

The existing line is a single-track electrified railway line provided with rails, type 49E1, laid on wooden sleepers with track fastening, type ''K'', embedded in limestone ballast.

The design herein included as follows: reconstruction of the existing track, construction of additional track plus track in ''Krnjača'' passing station together with relevant connections; reconstruction of track and connections in ''Pančevački Most'' railway post; construction of new stopping place near Krnjača Settlement; electrification, extension and reconstruction of overhead catenary system, and installation of signaling/interlocking and telecommunication systems.

Rehabilitation works are also planned to be performed on the bridge over the Danube River (''Pančevački Most''). The works will be executed in stages: after rehabilitation of pavement structure to Belgrade, pavement structure to Pančevo shall be reconstructed. Once the pavement works have been completed, works on reconstruction of the central bridge segment will commence (first right track and then left track).

The first stage includes construction of new track (''right Banat''). Once the track has been put into operation, works will commence on the existing track (''left Banat''). For the new permanent way structure, rails, type 49E1, class 260, shall be laid on wooden sleepers with elastic track fastening. All switches will be of type 49Е1-300-6°. Tracks and switches are to be welded into long continuous sections.

The new platform is planned to be constructed in ''Krnjača Most'' stopping place. The platform shall be 220.0 m long, 7.0 m wide and 35.0 cm above the high rail level. Prefabricated paving blocks will be used.

''Krnjača Most'' stopping place shall be also provided with underpass, canopy, retaining walls and approach footways, fully in accordance with the relevant design.