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General Design of Raška-Novi Pazar Railway Line

Realization: 2007

The line herein connects the southwestern Serbia with other regions in the country. The line corridor runs through the valley of Raška River in between the М-22 arterial road and Raška - Novi Pazar old road. The line, which is positioned mostly on the embankment, belongs to valley type of railway lines. Due to spatial restrictions of the city area, a steel bridge that overspans the Ibar River was designed as well as ''Supnje'' tunnel. The bridge with 3 spans has the total length of 210 m while the tunnel is 1130 m long. Stabilization of Raška river bed is planned as well as construction of number of minor bridges. The industrial zone in Novi Pazar is planned to be provided with freight station accompanied by relevant facilities. The passenger station in Novi Pazar is positioned near ''Careva Ćuprija'' thus enabling good connection with the city arterials. Spatial conditions allow construction of station and related facilities. The line is 20 km long and designed to support speed of maximum 120 km/h.