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Preliminary and Final designs for reconstruction of Niš - Dimitrovgrad railway line, Ćele Kula - Staničenje section (km 4+900 - km 64+152)

Realization: 2006 - 2008

The existing Niš - Dimitrovgrad - Bulgarian bordersingle-track line was constructed in 1888. This railway line is not electrified and its length is 104 km. Together with the Niš - Dimitrovgrad road it is situated in the Valley of Nišava River and runs through Sićevo Gorge.

The railway line is of great national and international significance: according to AGC Agreement it was classified in the group of the most important main international railway lines in Europe (E-70). It is a part of pan-European priority Corridor 10 and belongs to High Performance Railway Network in South East Europe. State of this railway line and service level that could be provided are inconsistent with its significance in the railway network of Serbia and Europe, which is reflected to its attractiveness for users and relatively low traffic volume. For the above-mentioned reasons it was decided to modernize the existing railway line, which include its rehabilitation, electrification and equipping with up-to-date signaling/interlocking and telecommunication devices as well as its upgrading for combined transport. Works on this railway line shall be financed by the credit facilities of the European Investment Bank (EIB). After completion of this project, the service level of the railway line will be significantly increased and it will become more competitive than road transport on the corridor and alternative railway routes in South East Europe. This Final design includes civil works on the railway section from Ćele Kula to Staničenje in length of 59.2 km. This railway section passes through 9 stations, 11 stopping places, 138 culverts and 31 level crossings. The works include: rehabilitation of substructure using up-to-date materials, replacement of all permanent way elements, replacement of culverts and development of level crossings. Concrete drain channels and cable conduits shall be placed into trenches at level crossings as a functional preparation for railway line electrification.

The designed works shall ensure:

  • Unification and increase of running speed
  • Increase of line throughput (category D4 - 225 KN, 80 KN/m)
  • Necessary efficient length of station tracks
  • Increase of track bearing capacity
  • Conditions for electrification and modern railway signaling system