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Long-term development concept for the railway junction in Niš

Realization: 2004 – 2005

The long-term development concept for the railway junction in Niš was done fully in accordance with adopted principles governing the development of railway junctions in big cities. The concept defines modern technical and technological solutions for all functions planned to be realized within the junction and enhances significance of the railway traffic taking into account all specificities of Niš as regional center and point where international railway lines integrating the Corridor X are met. The junction concept is based on the following requirements: modernization of the existing railway corridors; separation of passenger and freight traffic within the city area; railway lines that pass through the central city zone offer possibilities for organization of intensive urban/suburban traffic; all crossings with the existing and planned roads/streets are grade-separated, thus resulting in increased traffic safety and environmental protection. Location of the passenger station creates possibilities for establishment of unique traffic-business-commercial center according to European standards. The concept defines long-term development solutions that may be realized in phases fully in accordance with the recognized necessities and possibilities. This multi-disciplinary task required engagement of numerous experts.