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Railway Junction in Skopje

The railway facilities and the city in general suffered heavy damages in earthquake that hit Skopje in 1963. The previously adopted General Urban Plan was abrogated which further resulted in abandonment of the railway junction concept that was adopted in 1961. However, construction of bridge over the Vardar River was approved.


The City Assembly has launched the original idea referring to the north by-pass railway line that would serve as connecting line for trains coming from Kosovska Mitrovica and Gostivar directions. Although the position of the present passenger station was almost ideal as compared to the city, it was dislocated, while marshaling yard was rotated for almost 90 degrees, as compared to the previously adopted solution from 1961.

Since location of the said stations and lines should be harmonized with the general technical concept of the junction and its accompanying facilities, an idea about new railway junction was born and developed by the Yugoslav Railways Engineering Institute in 1965. The new concept was based on complete separation of passenger and freight transport in the city area.
For passenger traffic, new passenger station was planned to be constructed in ''Proleće'' Settlement while maintenance facilities are planned to be accommodated in ''11 oktombri'' Settlement next to the railway line to Đevđelija.

The marshaling yard positioned near Trubarevo Village, included reception sidings with 7 tracks, marshaling-dispatching sidings with 20 main and 12 auxiliary tracks and station sidings with 8 tracks. All required structures were constructed.