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Final design for rehabilitation of tramway tracks and OCS in Resavska Street, Tašmajdan tramway loop, Požeška Street, and on the segment from the Dock to Cara Dušana Street

Realization: 2008

The prepared technical documentation included as follows: geotechnical documentation for the final design level, preliminary and final civil engineering designs for the substructure and permanent way, pavement, sidewalks, parking lots, sewage network, OCS reconstruction, control and heating of points, traffic signaling and equipment, lighting system, protection of hot water pipeline and cathodic protection. In addition, the design documentation also included the geodetic setting out design, work methodology design and tender documents.

Resavska Street and rehabilitation of Trašmajdan tramway loop

Resavska Street
Resavska Street
Resavska Street
Resavska Street
Resavska Street belongs to streets that integrate the city core. Tracks are positioned in the middle of the street segment between Nemanjina Street and Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard. These tracks enable connection with the line that runs through Nemanjina Street and tramway loop in front of the St. Marc Church in Tašmajdan Park.

Reconstruction works included the street and tramway line in the length of 634 m. Works also included complete replacement of substructure and permanent way, reconstruction of sidewalks and placement of new curbs, partial reconstruction of drainage system as well as reconstruction of OCS.

“Tašmajdan“ tram loop
“Tašmajdan“ tram loop
“Tašmajdan“ tram loop
“Tašmajdan“ tram loop
Тramway loop in Tašmajdan is located next to Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, on the plateau in front of the St. Marc Church.

In addition to tracks in the area of intersection of Resavska Street and Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, rehabilitation works also included forming of the lane for right turning. Works were performed in the length of 300 m.



Požeška Street

Požeška Street
Požeška Street

Reconstruction works were performed on the double-track tramway line, from Gospodarska Mehana to the tramway loop in Požeška Street, in the total length of 3,872 m.

box 6
Požeška Street
Požeška Street
The line alignment is composed of the following two specific sections:

Section from the tramway loop near the Belgrade Fair to the branching off point, 530 m long, that represents an integrating segment of tram lines that run to Rakovica /Kneževac and Banovo Brdo; and

Section from the branching off point to the tramway loop in Požeška Street, 3,372 m long, that was built in 1986.

New tracks are positioned within the available space of the present corridor with center-to-center spacing of 3.80 m (instead of the present 3.60 m), from Gospodarska Mehana to the beginning of Požeška Street, and form intersection with Trebevićka Street to the tramway loop. 

Požeška Street
Požeška Street
Necessary spacing was done in curves due to vehicle buckling.

The present tramway construction is completely replaced with the new one on the section from Gospodarska Mehana to the branching off point.

Оpen line

On the open line in Požeška Street and in the vicinity of Hippodrome, the existing trackwork was demolished and tracks dismantled on certain segments, while the concrete slab was properly cleaned.

The existing concrete slab was extended to enable widening of the tramway track area.

Line on the bridges

Once the track filling was demolished, tracks dismantled, and waterproofing layers removed, a new trackwork was formed of the following members:

  • New polyurethane waterproofing layer;
  • Rails, ties and sleepers together with insulating members that were placed into the designed position and adjusted per line and grade;
  • Polyurethane underlay under the rail toe;
  • New curbs; and
  • Concrete filling (cement-concrete pavement).

Тramway loop and bus terminal

The present track filling and curbs were demolished, track was dismantled on certain segments and surface of the existing concrete slab cleaned.

Most of the concrete slabs was replaced with the new ones due to displacement and extension of both tramway track area and bus terminal.

The subject of the design herein is construction works on pavement and sidewalks in Požeška Street in the length of about 2237 m.

From dock to Cara Dušana Street


The studied section includes segment from the intersection with Vojvode Bojovića Street (immediately behind the tramway loop) to the intersection with Cara Dušana Street. The tramway alignment follows two streets: Pariska and Tadeuša Košćuška Streets and runs along the perimeter of Kalemegdan Park. 

Works included complete replacement of substructure and permanent way, as well as reconstruction of sidewalks, placement of new curbs along Tadeuša Košćuška Street, segmental reconstruction of drainage system and erection of new OCS.

The total length planned for reconstruction works - 2112 m.