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Final civil engineering design for reconstruction of tramway line, OCS, pavement, sidewalks and accompanying infrastructure in Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, from Vukov Spomenik to Gospodara Vučića Street (Cvetko's Market) in Belgrade

Realization: 2009

The prepared technical documentation included as follows: geotechnical documentation, final civil engineering design of both substructure and permanent way, tramway tracks, pavement, sidewalks, parking lots, sewage network, OCS, control and heating of points, traffic signaling and equipment, lighting system, hot water pipeline protection and cathodic protection. The design documentation also included the geodetic setting out design and work methodology design as well as tender documents.

The reconstruction works started at the beginning of the existing point that enables right turn from Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard to Ruzveltova Street immediately in front of Vukov Spomenik. Reconstruction ended behind the intersection with Gospodara Vučića Street near Cvetko's Market. Reconstruction works included section of the street in the length of about 2500 m.

The newly-designed cross section of the street includes: tramway track area, 7.50 m wide, located in the middle of the street and 6.50 m wide traffic lanes and sidewalks on either side. Parking lots are planned along the pavement outer edge.

Works on reconstruction also included intersections. Intersections with Batutova and Gospodara Vučića Streets are fully equipped while the other ones are designed according to entrance-exit principle.

The standard track, 1000 mm wide, is accommodated in the 7.50 m wide tramway track area, separated and raised as compared to the pavement. Track-to-track distance is 3.80 m. Stopping places are 60 m long, and 3 m wide. Twelve (12) stopping places are planned for construction.

The carriageway is composed of two traffic lanes for each direction, with the total width of 6.50 m. On-street parking is planned along the outer pavement edge. The parking lot sizes are: 2.3x5.0, for angle parking, and 2.0x6.0 for parallel parking.