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Final Designs of ’’Vukov Spomenik’’ Underground Railway Station

''Vukov Spomenik'' Underground Railway Station is positioned between ''Karađorđev Park'' and ''Pančevački Bridge'' stopping places in the vicinity of Ruzveltova Street and ''Ćirilo and Metodije'' Park, 40 m below ground as is the case with other metro stations worldwide. In addition to 30 km of designed and constructed tunnels, this station is considered to be the most important structure within the Belgrade Junction for local passenger train operations and at the same time represents the first step in realization of years long dream for fast and mass underground rail transport that will place Belgrade into world capitals with efficiently solved in-city traffic operations. The possible capacity of the station is about 15,000 passengers per hour.

Design solutions for this project were developed based on the most advanced world experiences applied in construction of underground railway stations and metros in city environment as well as on application of French regulations and European Standards that enable passengers to experience maximum comfort and safety. The station is composed of five levels (plateau, passage for passengers, vestibule, technical/maintenance area and the platform). The vestibule occupies 2,500 square meters in area, while the platforms are 220 m long. The building is also provided with centralized system for monitoring and control that includes 32 sub-systems. The station is famous for its 60 m long escalator.

The state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical systems and installations of national and international manufactures were deployed for equipping the station to enable its efficient and safe use in all possible conditions. Four emergency exists enable reliable evacuation in only 10 minutes and all fire protection measures (fire-fighting equipment, ''water curtain'', carbon dioxide, and the like) guarantee safety to all passengers.

The building also includes business area with garage provided with 92 parking lots.

With good organization of traffic, passengers from suburban areas (50-100 km away from the city core) may reach the downtown in 40-80 minutes, while in the city itself, travel may take 30-40 minutes. The works started in May 1989, fully in accordance with the final design developed in the Institute of Transportation CIP. Investors were: the Republic of Serbia, City of Belgrade, and the Belgrade Railway Transport Enterprise. The Main Contractor was ''Energoproject'' Company and coordinator was ''Beogradčvor'' Company that acted as the Investor's representative.

Up to date, $ 750 million was invested in construction of the Belgrade Junction. However, for completion of all planned works and construction of missing structures, $ 350 million more will be needed.