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Preliminary and Final designs together with supervision works for the temporary portable railway-road bridge over the Danube River in Novi Sad

After NATO bombing, the Institute of Transportation CIP developed numerous designs, organized construction and performed supervision over the execution of reconstruction works on 57 railway and road bridges. Although works were performed in extremely difficult conditions that included economic sanctions and completely destroyed infrastructure, thanks to enthusiasm and commitment of our experts we managed to reconstruct significant number of bridges and put them into operation.

In addition to destroyed bridges in Novi Sad, after NATO bombing our company also prepared design for the studied portable railway-road bridge:

The bridge, 433.5 m long, was designed for mixed railway-road traffic, which, due to the bridge width, was realized alternately during the defined time intervals. Although the bridge was designed to operate in the period of maximum 4 years, due to certain circumstances its operation was prolonged and our company prepared design that referred to straightening of particular bridge elements. With these improvements and adequate maintenance, function of the bridge was prolonged to 2014, i.e. until construction of the new road-railway bridge.