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Through its long tradition of work and development, the Institute of Transportation CIP has become one of the most powerful research-design companies in the Southeast Europe. Although being established for the purpose of design preparation for the first railway line in the Principality of Serbia, the company has expanded in time and became widely recognized for its original designs of railway lines all over Serbia and former Yugoslavia.

Today, the Institute of Transportation CIP includes broad range of activities such as: investigations, spatial and urban planning, geodetic surveys, geotechnical investigations, preparation of technical documentation and supervision during the execution of works. Although being primarily oriented towards the tasks set by its founder, the ''Serbian Railways'' Joint Stock Company, the Institute of Transportation CIP has expanded its business into the whole building industry in both Serbia and abroad. The Institute of Transportation CIP is capable to provide the highest-quality designs for railway and road infrastructure, city transportation systems, buildings, sports and special-purpose structures within the shortest time possible proving itself to be one of the best and the most comprehensive design company in Serbia.

The Section "Activity" includes some of the most important projects since 2005.